At JPPIC, there is something for everyone. Whether you are married or single, a man or woman, teenager or child, we have a ministry with you in mind. Our ministries are designed to encourage, empower and equip you to become your personal best. We invite you to take a moment become a part of one of these exciting ministries. As a member of JPProclaim you can login to access our member portal which gives you access to exclusive member content by clicking here.

audio and communications
This ministry provides recorded audio and video visual support of our worship service experience.

Communications: Audio & Video

College Care Ministry
The College Care ministry provides support to members who are away in college through periodic care packages and notes of encouragement from our Pastor.

College Care

The Proclaim Dance Company is a ministry made up of church members of various skill levels, committed to worshipping God through dance. The Dance ministry is open to both men and women: Children 12 and younger and Adults, ages 13 and older.


A liaison ministry designed to formally greet first time visitors, and answer questions pertaining to the ministry.

Guest Services

The Hospitality ministry provides concierge services as well as special event entertainment for Men and Women of God who minister at Jesus People Proclaim International Ministries Church, and other special invited guests of Pastor Billy and Prophet Cynthia.


JPPIMC Hostesses are front line representatives who welcome, greet and receive members and guests with the love of God as they enter the sanctuary for service or event.


I Love My Life is an outreach ministry that provides HIV/AIDS testing and counseling services for the community. We strongly believe that HIV testing is a valuable in the fight against HIV and our focus is to teach abstinence as the only means to protect our lives.

I Love My Life (HIV/AIDS Ministry)

marriage ministry
Marriage Made Easy is designed to minister to married couples and to restore the sacredness of marriage by spiritually empowering men and women to a deeper understanding of God’s ordained purpose for the marital union of a man and wife. Regular meetings, retreats and fellowships provide a social outlet and encouragement for couples.

Marriage Made Easy

Champions are a strong network of men who receive strategies to take their rightful God ordained place in the kingdom, the home and in the workplace. Through monthly gatherings, teachings, seminars, community involvement and group interaction its focus is the development of the total man.


voices of proclaim
Voices of Proclaim create and atmosphere through Praise and Worship to usher the presence of Christ into the worship services. Sounds of Proclaim are minstrels who accompany the Voices of Proclaim by setting the atmosphere musically through instruments.

Music (Voices and Sounds of Proclaim)

The Outreach/Evangelism ministry equips and trains believers to “make disciples” of all nations/ It’s primary focus is to utilize every available means to minister the gospel outside the church to reap an end-time harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God.

Forgiven (Outreach/Evangelism)

Performing Arts
The Performing Arts ministry consists of actors, singers, dancers, musicians, and thespians who minister through creative and dramatic expression productions, skits, and stage plays to the glory of  God.

Performing Arts

Prayer Counseling guide prospective members in the areas of salvation, commitment to Christ, being filled with the Holy Spirit, church membership, and prayer.

Prayer Counseling

Saints In Service
A service oriented ministry comprised of general laborers, handy-persons, independent and professional contractors that volunteer their time and skills to assist single women, the elderly and handicapped individuals in need of home repair.

Saints in Service

Pro Fitness
This department promotes the development of personal fitness regimen and healthy lifestyle for its members of Proclaim.


The Ushers ministry escorts members and guests to their seats, distribute materials related to the worship service and direct individuals to pay tithes and offerings in an orderly manner.


Provide intercessory prayer over JPPIC before and during the worship services.

Watchmen Warriors

women's ministry
The Women of Glory ministry focuses on the developing “the total woman” to become all that God has ordained. Whether it’s in the marketplace or the home, women learn through powerful teachings and seminars how to take the limits off and walk in power and authority. On a social level many activities like prayer breakfasts, teas, and other social activities are sponsored with the aim to promote spiritual growth, wholeness and balance in the lives of women.

Women of Glory